Interactive Flat Panel

Interactive Flat Panel is a screen panel (LCD / LED) that can be touched to create an interactive experience. This interactive flat panel has a built-in Operating System and is also equipped with speakers, mic, camera, virtual keyboard, RAM, storage and processor and even has a network connection in the form of LAN and WiFi like a computer.

LED Videotron

Videotron is a medium that displays videos with LED. LED’s are a type of lighting that uses semiconductors to convert electricity into light. Usually Videotron are used outdoors as a guide to a place or to show advertisements.

KiosK Digital Signage

KiosK Digital Signage is a set of computers consisting of hardware and software that functions as an information display that can be accessed independently by the user (self-service). There are several names for touch screen kiosks, including Electronic Information Boards, Digital Information Boards, Digital Signage, Information Pavilions and many more.

Video Wall

Video Wall is a technology for LFD monitors that combines several monitors into a large combined screen. The combined monitor uses one or more inputs. In addition, the monitor can split the image into one larger complete display.