How Digital Signage Supports the Retail Industry

Retailers are now starting to shift towards visual merchandising due to the pandemic, and digital signage could be the solution.

Last year, integration projects in the retail sector experienced a significant slowdown. However, the good news about the coronavirus vaccine brings new hope to the industry.

This means that the retail industry is eager to replace the losses suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic. They will start looking for new methods and technologies to market products and connect with customers. One of the most effective tools to do this is Digital Signage.

Visual Merchandising Will Rise

In public spaces, digital advertisements have been widely used to urge customers and the general public to practice social distancing and wear masks. In the future, there will be a need to shift to more beneficial use for retailers.

“Now, I see many stores wanting to activate their windows so that when (customers) are not inside, they can still talk about their products and optimize store opening hours,” said Hendy, Vannoe’s Product Specialist.

Before the pandemic, interactive visual solutions generally relied on touch methods. Now, conversational methods are being used in the creation of IoT smart systems and enabling interactivity without customers having to do anything other than enter or sit in the provided area.

Hendy said retailers have started to look at technologies that can help them engage with customers, including things like artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and sensors, and integrating visual displays into the environment.



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